Multi-lingual Support Added!

Advertise in Your Audience’s Language, Automatically!

We’re excited to announce a groundbreaking update to RoboAd – our complimentary plugin for ChatGPT that’s transforming ad copy creation across the globe. Now with automatic language detection for over 90 languages and streamlined updating, reaching international audiences has never been simpler or more accessible.

What’s New in RoboAd?

RoboAd’s latest update is about intelligent automation and ease of use. Here’s a look at the innovative features:

  1. Automatic Multi-Language Support: RoboAd now auto-detects the language of your landing page URL. Just pass the URL, and RoboAd will generate ad copy in the exact language of your audience.
  2. Easy Update Process: If you see a watermark on the logo indicating the old version, you’ll know it’s time to update. Just uninstall the old version and install the new one right within ChatGPT.
  3. Improved Suggestion Capabilities : We’ve worked hard over the past two months to improve suggestions, and improve handling of a wide variety of webpages.

How to Upgrade

  1. Identify Your Current Version: Check for the watermark on the logo to recognize the old version of RoboAd.
    new vs deprecated plugin logos
  2. Uninstall the Old Version: Simply remove the old version within ChatGPT.
  3. Install the New Version: Install the updated RoboAd plugin in ChatGPT, and you’re ready to explore the world of multilingual advertising.
  4. Pass the Landing Page URL: Enter the URL of your landing page in any language, and RoboAd will handle the rest.

Why RoboAd’s Multilingual Capabilities Matter?

  • Effortless Global Reach: Target global markets with automatic language detection.
  • High Quality: Our Ads are generated directly in the language of the page. Competing engines produce ad copy in english, then translate it into a target language. That results extremely weak campaigns.
  • More to come : We look forward to adding additional internationalization features. Please reach out on chat if you have any suggestions!

RoboAd’s newest update breaks down language barriers and opens up exciting new possibilities for advertisers and marketers everywhere. And as always, it’s available free of charge.

Join us on this exciting journey and take your advertising strategies to new global heights. With RoboAd, language isn’t a barrier; it’s an opportunity to connect more meaningfully with your audience.

Happy advertising in every language!

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