Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for RoboAd. This is where we address the most common questions we receive from our users. If you don’t find the answer to your question here, please feel free to reach out to us directly. We will do our best to provide a prompt response and may even add your question to this page to assist others in the future. We value your curiosity and are dedicated to providing clear and accurate information about RoboAd.

What is RoboAd?

RoboAd is a revolutionary digital marketing tool that simplifies online advertising. By simply providing a URL, RoboAd’s AI generates engaging ad copies and offers suggestions to optimize your landing page.

How does RoboAd work?

RoboAd uses cutting-edge AI to analyze your landing page and generate engaging ad copies tailored to your content. Not only that, but our system also offers suggestions to optimize your landing page for better results.

How do I get started with RoboAd?

Getting started with RoboAd couldn’t be easier. Just visit our homepage, submit your URL, and our AI will take it from there. You can also use the RoboAd Plugin on ChatGPT for on-the-go ad generation and optimization suggestions.

What are the products offered by RoboAd?

RoboAd offers the ChatGPT Plugin, AdGen Free, and AdGen Pro (coming soon). Our ChatGPT Plugin generates ad copy and landing page recommendations directly in the ChatGPT environment. AdGen Free, available on our website, offers extensive ad copy generation capabilities. AdGen Pro, which will directly integrate with Google Ads and Microsoft Ads, is in the pipeline.

How does RoboAd help optimize my landing page?

RoboAd’s AI analyzes your landing page based on the URL you provide and gives recommendations to optimize it for better engagement and conversions.

How does the RoboAd ChatGPT plugin work?

The RoboAd ChatGPT plugin works within your ChatGPT environment. Once installed, it can generate ad copy and provide landing page optimization suggestions based on your inputs.

What is the difference between AdGen Free and AdGen Pro?

AdGen Free allows users to generate extensive ad copy using just a URL. AdGen Pro, our upcoming offering, will provide the same capabilities, but with direct integration into Google Ads and Microsoft Ads platforms for a more streamlined user experience.

Can RoboAd generate different types of ads?

Yes, RoboAd can generate a wide variety of ad types, including search, display, and social media ads, all tailored to your specific landing page and target audience.

How does RoboAd ensure data security?

At RoboAd, we prioritize your data security. We employ robust encryption and security measures in line with industry standards to protect your information.

How can I provide feedback on RoboAd?

Your feedback is valuable to us. You can share it via the ‘Feedback’ option in your RoboAd dashboard or by contacting our customer support team directly.

Do I need any special technical skills to use RoboAd?

Not at all! RoboAd is designed to be user-friendly. Whether you’re submitting a URL on our homepage or using the RoboAd Plugin in ChatGPT, our AI takes care of the complex tasks, so you don’t need any special technical skills to create effective ads.

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